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About Us

Hello! My name is Susan and I’m the creator of the multi-award winning plush toy Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler.

Years ago my son Sam went through the ubiquitous ‘fear of things that go bump in the night’ phase. Monsters under the bed, boogeymen in the closet, there was no limit to the number and types of fears that were manifested in Sam’s vivid imagination! These fears not only prevented him from settling down easily at night, but they also disrupted his sleep when they manifested as nightmares! 

Sam’s struggle with these issues prompted me to try and find something… anything, that would help bring him comfort. I’ll be the first to admit, I wanted a solution as much for his sake as ours—my husband Jamie and I had our sleep disturbed as much as poor Sam did!

Sam and Sue, happy and nightmare-free!

Research into the topic of children and nighttime fears yielded a wealth of information. I learned that leading pediatric sleep experts urge parents NEVER to dismiss a young child’s fears but rather to use imagination and creativity to deal with this extremely common issue.


With that in mind, I created a loveable monster with a purpose. PLAYMATE by DAY–PROTECTOR by NIGHT, the Nightmare Nibbler was born!

We practiced the same nightly bedtime ritual as many families which always included a story, a cuddle and then lights out. I created the whimsical Nightmare Nibbler poem so that parents can recite it along with their child before tucking them in at night— allowing for it to become a comforting and bonding part of their bedtime routine.

After Norbert came along, I decided it was time to share the story of how and why he was the first Nibbler chosen by the Grand Chief of the Nightmare Nibbler Nation (N3) to be sent to Earth. Kids and adults alike will love to read along to learn more about Norbert in the bright and fun children’s picture book, ‘Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler’.

We are thrilled to be offering a “family” member who is so dear to us, to you and really appreciate the feedback of how Norbert has helped your family! Click here to read what others have to say!

We also invite you to check out how we’re aiming to GIVE BACK with The Nightmare Nibbler Project!

Pleasant dreams!

Nightmare or Night Terror?

Nightmares are unpleasant or scary dreams which usually occur during the later part of a night’s sleep during REM (dream time) sleep. Children wake up from a nightmare feeling scared or distressed and respond to comfort from a parent. They may be reluctant to go back to sleep and need you to help them feel safe. They can usually remember part of a nightmare afterwards.

Night Terrors are not dreams, but a partial awakening from sleep with unusual behaviours such as screaming, mumbling or kicking. Night terrors tend to happen in the first 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Kids don’t respond to efforts to comfort or reassure them and won’t remember having had one.

*Please note*

The Nightmare Nibbler was created as a fun and unique way to help children manage nighttime fears. While results have been overwhelmingly positive, there is no guarantee that it will be effective for every child.

Please seek the advice of a professional if you notice that your child’s nightmares become worse, happen more often or if their fears impact daytime activities.

The Smith-Lauchlan Family
Ontario, CANADA