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Nightmare Nibbler Nation



    Nightmare Nibblers come from a land far, far away – a magical place where there are no bad sleeps – a world where nighttime fears and nightmares simply don’t stand a chance thanks to the Nibblers’ HUGE appetite for scary things!  
    Don’t let their small huggable size fool you! This works to their advantage – they are better able to avoid detection by those pesky bad dreams until it’s too late!  
    And best of all…the Nightmare Nibbler is NOT fussy when it comes to choosing what to eat! That’s great news because even if what scares you changes, your Nibbler’s appetite for them won’t! They’ll keep munching their way to happiness no matter what comes up! And yes, the Nibblers do tend to chomp, crunch, and slurp…but don’t worry, they do it so fast, that they make NO noise…your wonderful sleep won’t be disturbed! 
    There are oodles and oodles of Nibblers belonging to different Nibbler families. Together these cute and cuddly nighttime protectors form what’s called the Nightmare Nibbler Nation or N3 for short with the Grand Chief as their beloved leader.
    The members of the Nightmare Nibbler Nation are sent by the Grand Chief throughout the galaxy in search of both tasty nightmares to eat and young children to comfort. And that is why we all have the pleasure of meeting our new buddy Norbert –the first Nightmare Nibbler chosen to be sent to our wonderful planet by the Grand Chief!


    Hi! My name is Norbert—the first Nightmare Nibbler to be sent to Earth from the Nightmare Nibbler Nation. I have come in search of yummy, bad, and scary dreams to fill my belly with. I am so excited to live with you! I just know that we’re going to be the best of friends. When I’m not gobbling up nightmares, I love tickle fights and trying to learn how to whistle!

    We love you Norbert!

  • More N3 news awaits...

    Please visit our Press & Praise page to learn more about what Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler has been up to and what others have to say about him! 

  • The fun Nightmare Nibbler poem...

    as featured on the plush hangtag...
  • The Poem

    I’m a Nightmare Nibbler who’s on duty through the night,
    protecting you from scary things that might give you a fright!

    It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m not afraid at all
    whether 1 inch, 1 foot or a bazillion feet tall!

    You see, as a Nightmare Nibbler all I do is eat,
    bad dreams, scary dreams, I think they’re all a treat!

    Those dreams do not stand a chance, when I am here with you
    since I chew them up and swallow them, before they can say boo!

    So hug me tight, close your eyes and wipe away your fears,
    I’m here all night to protect you, if anything appears.

    Good Night and Pleasant Dreams…


    Le poème

    Je suis le Croqueur de frayeurs et quand tu dors je veille
    pour te protéger des terreurs qui troublent ton sommeil.

    Moi, le Croqueur de frayeurs, je n’ai pas peur du tout,
    même si c‘est un hibou ou un gros loup-garou!

    Je passe mon temps à manger,
    tous les mauvais rêves pour me régaler!

    Quand je suis avec toi, les cauchemars ne te font aucun mal,
    parce qu‘avant qu‘ils te fassent peur, je les dévore et les avale!

    Alors ferme les yeux et serre-moi sur ton coeur,
    je te protégerai toute la nuit de tes grandes frayeurs.

    Bonne nuit, beaux rêves…