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The Nightmare Nibbler Project

Giving Back


At Nightmare Nibbler, it is important to us to give something back to the community and specifically to the children. We enjoy the intangible benefit of giving and with that in mind we have set up what we’re calling...


It may be a silly question, but what is a Nightmare Nibbler?


Whimsical Answer: The Nightmare Nibblers are new visitors to Earth having come from the Nightmare Nibbler Nation (N3). Since their appetite consists solely of bad dreams and scary things AND since Earth children aren’t fond of these things, Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler has been dispatched to help kids while at the same time satisfying his incredible hunger by gobbling up any and all nightmares! Be sure to check out the fun rhyming poem, which is featured on his hangtag, as it describes what he’s all about! 


Serious Answer: Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler is both a Kidlutions™ Preferred Product Award winner and a Creative Child Magazine 2012 Top Toy of the Year Award winner! This loveable plush toy is designed to help kids manage their night-time fears by gobbling them up!


We invite you to visit the Nightmare Nibbler Nation page for more information about this unique friend!


Sounds great! So what is The Nightmare Nibbler Project?


We have had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand the unique reassurance that this cuddly plush toy and non-threatening friend brings to child victims of trauma who unfortunately find themselves tackling ‘adult’ sized fears. When trauma to children occurs–such as critical illness, child abuse/neglect, exceptional grief and loss–the landscape of everyday life becomes frightening and unfamiliar. 


Motivated by the desire to provide some added comfort and smiles to these children, the Nightmare Nibbler Project was established with the purpose of getting as many Nibblers as possible into the welcoming hands of these brave little fighters! 


Our mission in a nutshell: To bring added comfort & smiles to child victims of trauma – one Nibbler at a time.



How do you aim to do that?



Offering substantial discounts for these kids.


It is our pleasure to offer a BIG DISCOUNT on Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler plush toys for kids facing TRAUMA. Those that have such a young loved one who they feel would benefit from having Norbert to seek comfort from, are invited to share their story with us and we in turn will look forward to sharing the Project details with you!


Extending extraordinary rates for philanthropic folks.


We are so committed to our mission that we are offering Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler plush toys at highly discounted rates for those interested in donating them to kids dealing with traumatic situations. 


Is that you? Contact us!


Our Dream for the Future

We look forward to a future which sees the growth of the Nightmare Nibbler Nation with brave children in crisis around the globe benefitting from the comfort that Nibblers can offer!


  Sweet Dreams


 ~ Promo & project details are subject to change w/out notice.~